La Belle Assiette: TIME magazine désigne Leguillon “Next Generation Leader 2015”

Dans la lignée du TIME 100 et du TIME Person of the Year, TIME MAGAZINE avait crée en 2014 Next Generation Leaders, une sélection annuelle célébrant les réalisations de six jeunes dirigeants (business, technologie, science, activisme, architecture et autres disciplines). Parmi eux cette année, Stephen Leguillon, le fondateur de la plateforme de réservation de chefs cuisiniers à domicile La Belle Assiette.

Next Generation Leaders is on its way to becoming an integral part of TIME’s iconic brand. The franchise embraces the magazine’s longtime goal of seeking out and celebrating the work of the most innovative and influential people around the world.  The annual TIME 100 list of the world’s most influential people and  and the Person of the Year issue, which profiles the person who has had the greatest impact on the world in the past year, are both part of that tradition. Next Generation Leaders shares some of the DNA of the TIME 100 and Person of the Year but its mandate is different. It looks not to celebrate established leaders but to discover and introduce to our readers young people who have just begun their leadership journeys.

J’avais rencontré Stephen alors qu’il était encore étudiant ESCP Europe. J’ai tout de suite été impressionné par ce jeune entrepreneur authentique et visionnaire. Fier de faire partie de l’équipe La Belle Assiette depuis l’origine, convaincu par sa vision et impressionné par son exécution, je suis heureux de la reconnaissance du Time Magazine.

Stephen Leguillon  of La Belle Assiette  photograph by Christopher Morris for TIME

Stephen Leguillon of La Belle Assiette
photograph by Christopher Morris for TIME

L.T. Sachs is a first generation gourmet angel of La Belle Assiette board.

It’s not just about food, it’s about a car ride with Yannick Alléno.

In November 1995, a series of general strikes against the new French government’s agenda was paralyzing the country’s transportation. There was no postal service, no bus, no metro. At the time, I was working at Smith Barney, Place Vendôme, and every morning I would hitch a ride to work. One morning a car stopped and the driver told me he was on his way to Drouant, where he was “chef adjoint”. His name: Yannick Alléno.

Yannick Alléno got his first Michelin star in 1999 and his second in 2002. In 2003, he took over the kitchens of Le Meurice -my old stomping ground for entertaining clients- where he received a second Michelin star in 2004, and a third in 2007. After 10 years, he left Le Meurice for Ledoyen.

Chef Alléno strives to reinvent sauces, “the expression of an evolved cuisine”, the French culinary exception. Over the years, he has perfected a technique of extractions that results in intense and ultra-pure “jus” that celebrate great products. At the beginning of the month, Chef Alléno was once again crowned with three Michelin stars.

Today, I tip my hat to a great Chef, and a good sport.

Yannick Alleno in front of Ledoyen.

Yannick Alleno and staff.

La Belle Assiette chefs may not be as decorated as Yannick Alléno, but I’m sure a private chef experience would make a great Valentine’s Day dinner.

L.T. Sachs is a sauce-loving member of La Belle Assiette board.

2014 – A year of redefining the pleasure of entertaining at home


In 2012, Stephen and Giorgio, co-founders of La Belle Assiette, embarked on a culinary adventure that aimed to revolutionise the way people entertain at home. The private Chef market was growing steadily in Europe and after a year of development to lay the foundations of the proposed experiment, in March 2013, La Belle Assiette was officially launched…

In December 31, 2013, Stephen, our CEO wrote the summary of a successful year. 170 Chefs had then already joined us and the team was growing with the 7 gourmets: Baudoin, Heleen, Audrey, Thomas and Pierrick, accompanied of course by Stephen and Giorgio. Late 2013 also marked our first beautiful press coverage, namely on France 2. We were by then also already offering our service throughout France, with big ambitions for the coming year…

Today, January 2015, 434 Chefs are online on our platform and our service is now available in five countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and United Kingdom. A community of over 100 Chefs already exists in the United Kingdom and the team has since doubled, with 14 members in our offices between Paris and London. Last but not least, there are thousands of people who have enjoyed our services over the past 12 months.

To open the new year, here is a small retrospective of those moments that we shared together in 2014, with this community that trusts us, follows us, supports us and enjoys the unique experience offered by La Belle Assiette.

The year 2014 started in the best possible way, since by the end of January, we were already celebrating the presence of 200 Chefs on the platform.


Baudoin, Thomas, Pierrick, Giorgio, Sarah, Stephen and Audrey celebrate 200 Chefs available on La Belle Assiette.

In February, we were living through our first Valentine’s Day with this new online platform. For the first time, all of our available Chefs were booked for the evening and the site began to set new records of visits!

April marked a big step for La Belle Assiette. At the end of the month, we announced the first step of our internationalization: the expansion of our service in the Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The news was picked up by major media and blogs such as Techcrunch or Rude Baguette.

The first Chefs then started to join us from these countries and soon the first bookings were placed. It was a big challenge to the young team of La Belle Assiette, which began to go international with hiring dedicated to the management of these new markets.

Finally, April 2014 also marked the launch of our Instagram account. A growing number of our followers followed our Instagram account to discover the mouth-watering creations of our Chefs on a daily basis.


As for May, it marked the return of the heat waves, the refreshing energy of spring and the beginning of a summer season that allowed a true renewal in the menus of our Chefs. May was also an important month due to Mother’s Day. On this occasion, offering a La Belle Assiette gift voucher was on the top list of mother’s day gifts.

Moreover, several blogs included La Belle Assiette in their list of gift ideas including Les Petits Béguins, through a very (very very) beautifully illustrated article.

In June, we, for the very first time, participated in the Startup Assembly. It was also the first time we opened our offices to visitors. The opportunity for us to meet dozens of curious Chefs and customers that came to see us to discuss our service and adventure. A nice moment of sharing that our team truly enjoyed. Moreover, note that the office door is ALWAYS open.

June was also the birth of the “Private Chef Guide”. This collection of articles offers tips and tricks to the private Chefs and customers of La Belle Assiette. But it would also become a resource in this niche and would soon be enriched by dozens of articles that accompany private Chefs in their everyday lives.

July and August were high in lessons for La Belle Assiette. Due to the season, our activities were slightly weaker than usual but our desire was to compensate and even take advantage of this to highlight the unique experience of booking a full-time Chef. Summer holidays are all about relaxing. What better way to enjoy a summer break in your beach house than having a Chef handle the food preparation and offering unique and refreshing summer dishes during your entire holiday?

And our intuition was good since dozens of customers trusted us and welcomed La Belle Assiette Chefs for several days during their summer holidays. A real success that we plan to replicate this summer!

Then, September came! La Belle Assiette was back to work with fresh ideas : an original contest in association with Bureaux à Partager. #UnChefAuBureau, went viral, young french companies promoted on Twitter and through photographs, their desire to put an end to the sad “on the run sandwich culture”.


The winners? Cosmopolit’home and its victory-hungry team that collected more than fifty retweets!

At the end of the month, we took part in the first edition of Festival de la Fine Bouche. This culinary event brought together fifteen young French companies for a gourmet day in Paris. The opportunity for the team to meet the La Belle Assiette community again, but also to promote our service to the festival visitors on that day. A day to remember.

Hundreds of visitors also came to meet us and enjoy the creations of our Chefs at the Festival de la Fine Bouche.

Hundreds of visitors also came to meet us and enjoy the creations of our Chefs at the Festival de la Fine Bouche.

October came with big news. La Belle Assiette announced a complete overhaul of the design of the site that was put online after fierce weeks of work carried out by our technical team. This was also accompanied by a change of identity with a new logo, new fonts and new colors. We also explained our approach on the blog and through this video.

And as a big announcement never comes alone… It was also a time for us to formalize an important step in the development of La Belle Assiette: a new fund raising amounting to 1.3 million euros. For the internationalization of our service, its development and the recruitment of new talent, these funds will allow us to offer the La Belle Assiette experience to a greater number. The press also echoed this major event for our company. TechcrunchRude BaguetteVenturebeat and many others. Even the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, congratulated us via Twitter.


The month of November was big in London. La Belle Assiette participated to the winter edition of Taste of London Festival. During three intensive days, our UK team welcomed thousands of gourmets traveling to this major food festival in the UK. A really successful contact with our new and young English community.

The penultimate month of the year witnessed our first conference on “Entrepreneurship for Chefs”. Especially designed for theLa Belle Assiette Chef community, this day of keynotes and discussions brought together gourmets, industry professionals, and of course, Chefs. Success stories were told by, among others, Chef Alexandre Couillon who runs the restaurant La Marine**, as well as François Bergerault, co-founder of the Atelier des Chefs. You can also find the event’s report and podcast of the conference on our blog.

December closed this beautiful and active year. Very busy with an unprecedented number of requests for these year-end holidays, the team focused on meeting the desires of our community of gourmets.

We are very proud to have participated in the “La Liste de Noël de la French Tech” initiative. Relayed by major media such as M6 (a main TV channel in France) and welcomed by big politicians, this list of gift ideas for Christmas, all from young French companies, received a lovely buzz and quickly gathered a community of nearly 5,000 fans on Facebook.


Finally to complete the most of this wonderful year 2014, the last two months have been full of press coverage from, among others, France 2Le BonbonReuters or the Daily Mail that talked about us. The unique experience offered by La Belle Assiette seems to fit perfectly with these festive seasons and thus arouses the interest of all!

So that’s it for this retrospective of 2014.

The whole team is very happy with the work done and the adventure that we live with our community. We first and foremost thank our Chefs and their talent, without which our service could not exist. It was another wonderful year of collaboration.

But also a big THANK YOU to all our customers who have trusted us and encouraged us during every single day in our adventure. Already, thousands have been able to enjoy a moment with one of our Chefs and we hope that you will still be thousands more to discover our services in 2015.

Major challenges lie ahead for La Belle Assiette and the Chefs in the new year, with an unchanged goal: to offer you the opportunity of receiving private Chefs in your home without any effort, and create unforgettable moments.

We hope to live a wonderful new year with you. We can already tell you that great surprises await you!

Giorgio, Stephen and the La Belle Assiette team wish you a delicious year 2015, full of happiness, surprises and good cuisine. See you soon!


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L.T. Sachs is a gourmet angel of La Belle Assiette board.

La Belle Année, La Belle Assiette

C’est pour moi l’heure des voeux, et d’un bref séjour au pays des elfes et des infinies nuances de gris (non, pas cinquante, beaucoup plus). Bonjour, Nordlicht !

C’est aussi l’heure des réveillons, des retrouvailles familiales, des fêtes entre amis. Une pensée sur l’année qui s’achève, une autre sur le plaisir du travail encore à faire.

430 chefs La Belle Assiette vous souhaitent une heureuse année 2015 !

Trois vidéos (des dîners tout simples, il y en a de beaucoup plus sophistiqués).
Vu il y a trois jours au Télématin de France 2:

Un peu plus corporate, sur notre changement récent de charte graphique:

Et puis hyper vintage (2012, notre premier site, Brian DeFehr et nos premiers chefs):


Vacances romaines

J’ai participé il y a quelques semaines à Paris au dîner de validation La Belle Assiette de la chef italienne et Food Interpreter Eleonora Galasso.

Au menu : Bellini vénitien, Friselle des Pouilles avec tomates, câpres et origan de Pantelleria, Poivrons jaunes à l’aigre-douce aux amandes avec mozzarella, Pasta alla Norma palermitaine (j’en ai repris deux fois), et Tiramisu de Trevise.

Qu’est-ce qui fait la réussite d’un dîner? L’hôte évidemment, le lien qu’il sait créer, l’alliance qui se forme entre les convives, et bien sur, la cuisine…

Originaire de Rome et du sud de l’Italie, Eleonora Galasso se présente comme une interprète du savoir-faire culinaire familial de son pays. Elle sait raconter, en quatre langues, les traditions anciennes, l’origine des plats et des tours de main, qu’elle replace avec modernité dans leur contexte historique, artistique et social. J’ai aussi apprécié son amour des bons produits, des tomates et des épices rares, qu’elle va chercher régulièrement chez les producteurs.

Je me suis senti en vacances romaines. Pas comme un touriste mais comme un invité privilégié, heureux de partager le temps d’une soirée à la maison les secrets des habitants cultivés de la Ville Eternelle.

Nos chefs italiens La Belle Assiette. Et pourquoi ne pas offrir un chef cadeau ?

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L.T. Sachs est membre glouton du conseil de La Belle Assiette.

It’s not just about food. It’s a recipe for happiness.

I love food. Eating well. Feeling good.

Renowned French chef Joël Robuchon and neuropharmacologist and acupuncturist Dr. Nadia Volf (who has been my physician for over fifteen years) have co-written Food & Life, a beautiful avant-garde cookbook published by Assouline.

Combining Volf’s scientific expertise with Robuchon’s well-known artistry, the gourmet recipes aim at pleasing the taste buds while improving health, energy and mood. 1 Food & Life celebrates food as an integral part of happiness and explains its effects on physical and mental well-being. Quoting the New York Times T Magazine review, Food & Life “transforms kitchen cupboards into medicine cabinets, highlighting the arsenal of wellness that resides in everything from foie gras to the humble pea.” According to Volf:

It’s about what to eat at different times, when you feel one way or another. When you are obsessed by a thought that torments you, eat endives and your obsession will go away (…) The most beautiful thing to eat when you have heartbreak is turkey, because turkey has the amino acid tryptophan, which is the basis of our hormone serotonin.

La Belle Assiette chefs may not be as famous as Joël Robuchon, but I’m sure they would agree that food can be a recipe for happiness.

Learn more about Food & Life here and here. The book is available in French and in English, and together with a private chef experience, would make a great Christmas gift.

L.T. Sachs is a healthy and happy member of La Belle Assiette board.