I am an executive coach, and the founder of a venture capital company. My passion: entrepreneurs. My vision: a better and richer world. My ambition is to help entrepreneurs create wealth.

A coach trained by International Mozaïk, Transformance, Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz and Robert Dilts, I hold the European Individual Accreditation of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and am a member of EMCC France.

My job is to help entrepreneurs, managers and their organizations grow. As a VC, I invest in innovative startups, sit on their boards, and help them create value beyond my financial investment. I often talk on issues of disruption and collective intelligence.

In a previous life, I had accompanied hundreds of American CEOs in their relationships with european institutional investors.

Deputy Chairman of ESCP Europe Alumni for three years, I contributed to the alignment of the School, the Foundation and the Association, rejuvenated and feminized our Board, tripled the number of our international delegates. As a member of the Executive Committee of ESCP Europe, I was pleased to participate in the management of our school, and in the common goal of developing a shared vision.