Amplitude Studios just released the Shifters

Amplitude Studios has just released its new Endless Legend expansion: Shifters. Here is the trailer:

My friend and fellow board member Jeff Spock is presenting the Shifters expansion and its new faction the Allayi in these Focus Videos:

My personal bet is we’ll sell over a million copies of our game Endless Legend at some point. As a great magazine put it:

It’s a game constantly in the process of interrogating its own structures and as well as being a superb creation in its own right, it solidifies Amplitude’s place as one of PC gaming’s most exciting new studios.

They also ranked Endless Legend the 8th Best Strategy Games On PC ever made:

Along with unusual and inventive worldbuilding, blending fantasy with sci-fi and delivered through beautiful art, Endless Legend takes a novel approach to 4X traditions. As well as rethinking the basic rules of expansion, upgrading and exploration, there’s a built-in apocalypse timer in every game, as the planet’s climate changes, plunging every faction into crisis.

Amplitude Studios is thing of beauty, an outstanding team of good people. I love them.


L.T. Sachs is a member of the Board of Amplitude Studios.