Sous le ciel de Paris Coule un fleuve joyeux

Je viens de découvrir dans Slice of MIT une photo dont l’auteur américain et parisien d’adoption Owen Franken est un ami.


J’aime cette photo, qui m’a fait penser à ça:

Sous le ciel de Paris / Coule un fleuve joyeux…

…et aussi à ça:

Owen’s photos have appeared on the covers and pages of Time, Newsweek, Forbes, BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and National Geographic, as well as Saveur, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, and Travel and Leisure. He has photographed presidents from Nixon to Clinton, covered wars and Woodstock, illustrated Chinese economic reform and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of Franken’s photographs have become iconic: Nixon giving his signature victory salute as he boards a helicopter on the White House lawn moments after his resignation, a young Chinese man standing on the Great Wall smiling broadly and holding a Coca-Cola.