I need your vote for Amplitude Studios

Amplitude has received several nominations for both our video games Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend at the UNITY AWARDS 2015 (we are working with the Unity 3D engine to make our incredible Endless games). Two years ago in 2013, our Endless Space received two prestigious awards: the Golden Cube & the Community Choice. We need your support this year again!


Go on the Unity Awards 2015 page here: Unity 2015 Nominations
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Tick the boxes and remember to vote for the Endless games!


As a reminder, we are nominated for:

The Golden Cube (Endless Legend)
Best 3D Visual Experience (Endless Legend)
Best Gameplay (Dungeon of the Endless)
The Community Choice (Dungeon of the Endless & Endless Legend)


Endless Space 2 will be released in 2016. Thank you so very much for spreading our Endless word!

L.T. Sachs is a member of the board of Amplitude Studios.