Amplitude Studios are unleashing the Guardians today

Four years ago nearly to this day I met two authentic entrepreneurs, Mathieu Girard and Romain de Waubert, who were looking to finance their video game venture, Amplitude Studios. What began for me as a ten minutes pitch at Telecom ParisTech in the spring of 2011 has now grown into a formidable forty-person video game studio.

When Amplitude were the studio that had made Endless Space, they were notable. Now that they have both Endless Legend and Dungeon Of The Endless chalked up on their scoreboard, well, they’re an enormously important developer. Amplitude have to now be regarded as one of the most interesting (and potentially one of the most important) European developers. RockPaperShotgun – December 24, 2014

Our last game Endless Legend has now sold well over 400,000 copies, and my personal bet is we’ll reach over a million copies at some point. And today we are officially unleashing the Endless Legend expansion: Guardians. The great game Civilization® may have found a worthy competitor. Endless Legend: Guardians

I once said that Amplitude was a diamond in the rough. Well, not so rough anymore. A gem, actually. A thing of beauty, an outstanding team of good people. I love them. As we look toward our next four years and countless endless adventures, I raise my glass to you, dear friends.

de Waubert, Sachs & Girard

de Waubert, Sachs & Girard

Endless Legend – Dust to DUST Trailer: