Londoners, I need your help !

Actually, I need your business.

La Belle Assiette — my beloved online booking platform of private chefs founded in Paris by Stephen Leguillon and Giorgio Ricco — recently launched in the UK.

Here’s how it works: a professional chef will shop, come to your place, cook and clean up, while you sit back and enjoy. Whether you are organising a dinner at home with friends, a corporate lunch for clients, a birthday brunch with family, La Belle Assiette will take care of everything.

Find a chef near you, talk about it to your friends and colleagues, and let me know how much you liked it!

Here is a glimpse of a recent dinner, prepared by Spanish chef César Fernandez, hosted by blogger Fiona Maclean from London Unattached and attended by other lifestyle bloggers in the city:



London Unattached: No Fuss Entertaining at Home – La Belle Assiette

As host, Fiona was initially a little nervous about whether her “quirky kitchen” would be a suitable environment for a professional chef. But she was pleased to see César take everything in his stride. “I was impressed. He really didn’t seem to have any problems with my odd assortment of pots and pans”. Having a pro in her own kitchen showed Fiona what was possible with the equipment she already has. Fiona enjoyed having guests in her own home while being free from worrying about the food and the cleaning up, with César even offering to mop the floor afterwards! “And of course the great thing about eating at home is that you don’t have taxi fares to pay or corkage on your wine.”

Fuss Free Flavours: La Belle Assiette – Fuss-Free Delicious Dining At Home

Helen from Fuss Free Flavours enjoyed the entire “splendid” La Belle Assiette experience: “great food, convivial company, without any of the niggles and annoyances of going out to eat.”

Luxury Columnist: Your Personal Private Chef with La Belle Assiette

“Up to now having your own personal private chef has been the preserve of a select few… La Belle Assiette aims to change all that, making it far more accessible to all.” Suze from Luxury Columnist was particularly impressed by how La Belle Assiette democratises private dining and makes it possible for more people to experience a private chef looking after everything from shopping, to preparing the meal, to table service, and cleaning up.

French Yummy Mummy: If you don’t have it, fake it

While blogger Muriel might be French, she admits to not really enjoying cooking. So she was surprised and delighted to learn about the service La Belle Assiette offers. “The chef will prepare everything, cook, and clean for you. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Why hadn’t anyone told me?”

So here I am, telling you!


L.T. Sachs is a greedy member of La Belle Assiette board.