A brief history of video game graphics

I am not a gamer.

Metaphorically speaking, my arrival in the video game industry resembled the visit to Earth of Micromégas and his companion from Saturn in Voltaire’s tale of the same name. I was an outsider. But since I became an investor and board member of Amplitude Studios — and an active member of its community, reading all the threads (19,000), posts (195,000) and comments written on the forum by any of the other (96,500) members — I have become more and more interested in the aesthetics of game art and game design.

Therefore, I was impressed by a beautifully made series of five videos from Ahoy tackling the history of video game graphics, described by Polygon‘s Colin Campbell as “a smart and informative documentary and a pleasant walk down memory lane”. Each video focusses on a specific period of innovation (the dawn of video game graphics, the development of sprite graphic technology, the forging of a polygon realm, the 3D acceleration and bloom in realistic graphics, and the future of graphics). The first video tackles the seventies. In forty years, the video game industry has become — froan economic standpoint, and with a growth far exceeding — as relevant as the motion picture industry. 

In this context, I am proud to assist Amplitude Studios’ co-founders & entrepreneurs extraordinaire Mathieu Girard and Romain de Waubert, and to be involved in the growth of their organization.

 L.T. Sachs is an enlightened member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.

Amplitude Studios - Create the best strategy games!

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