It’s not just about food. It’s about sushi.

I discovered sushi in 1988, before the craze went global. I had just joined Wood Gundy and a colleague from Hong Kong made me discover… what? is this really raw fish?

More wine… more sushi.

Ruhlman tells me that by now I was moaning audibly, muttering things under my breath like, ‘Oh yeahhh, ohhh baby… mmmmm.’ I don’t apologize. Watching Masa run his scary sharp knife through that pale, pornographic-looking tuna, separating and peeling back one layer after another before slicing and applying it to your piece–the piece you know is going to be in your mouth in just a few more seconds–is like sex.

Anthony Bourdain, The Nasty Bits, 2006

Yes. Bourdain said it better than I could. Such is the power of great sushi.

Anyone who wants to know more about sushi should watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Best documentary ever.


To be continued…

P.S.: Check out La Belle Assiette Japanese chefs (in France), Hirose Abe, Frederic Pomarede and Kimyko Yamio.

L.T. Sachs is a member of La Belle Assiette’s board.