Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend : The Artistic Direction

There is so much I would like to say two weeks after the release of Endless Legend,  Amplitude Studios’ new video game. For the moment, I’ll just copy and paste a few of the critics’ comments on the art of the game, and link two YouTube videos on our artistic direction, aesthetic and music.

Endless Legend is a 4x strategy title that’s frustratingly close to being sublime.
Peter Parrish – IncGamers – 22 Sep 2014

Endless Legend is lush. Simply put, it’s one of the best-looking turn-based strategy games I’ve ever seen. The graphical style is both dense and pleasantly abstract, from the closest zoom, to the full-map view. Its science-fantasy setting has a pleasant amount of lore, both magical and futuristic.
Rowan Kaiser – IGN – 23 Sep 2014

Cities are built, wars are declared, worlds are conquered – but Amplitude has created something that stands out; a game that is gorgeous with a world that begs to be explored. It is fat with novel ideas, from its peculiar tactical combat, to its fascinating factions.
Fraser Brown – PCGamesN – 26 Sep 2014

It’s a fine marker of intent from Amplitude, who have been quietly tinkering with the fundamental mechanics and world-building of strategy since Endless Space’s arrival. Legend feels like an experiment, and it’s a supremely confident and engaging one that doesn’t quite fit pre-existing templates. It’s a 4x game, sure, but it’s a not a high or low fantasy one. It’s weird fantasy and the weird cuts through to the playstyles as well as the art and fiction.
Adam Smith – Rock, Paper, Shotgun – 1 Oct 2014

I found the first 140s of the following video from Amplitude’s Narrative Director & Lead Writer (and fellow board member) Jeff Spock especially interesting:

And of course the music:

L.T. Sachs is a proud member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.