Endless Legend is now available in Beta !

Endless Legend, Amplitude Studios’ third game, is now available in Beta on Steam, with new factions, multiplayer mode, enhanced battle system, improved diplomacy, and much more…


Watching its trailer, we’re once again amazed at Amplitude Studios’ never-ending pursuit of beauty and atmosphere in every aspects : the incredible visuals, the haunting voiceover, the eerie music…

IGN -the world’s leading video game media- first played Endless Legend in early alpha, and were already quite impressed : “We’ve Played Endless Legend, and It’s Awesome. […] Endless Legend’s blend of RPG and 4X elements make it hard to put down.”

As always, Amplitude Studio’s team has been faithful to its GAMES2GETHER philosophy and has made good use of the community suggestions and feedbacks for Endless Legend, allowing them to improve the game and implement some new ideas. Watch all Endless Legend videos on its Youtube Channel and discover two new factions, The Roving Clans and the The Ardent Mages.

The Roving Clans_small

The Ardent Mages_small


Our first game Endless Space, a science fictional 4X strategy game, has been critically acclaimed since its release in July 2012. An international success with over half a million copies sold, Endless Space has won the much coveted Unity Awards at Unite 2013 in Vancouver (both the Golden Cube for Best Overall Game and the Community Choice Award). Our second game, Dungeon of the Endless, a retro-styled game, mixing 2D pixel art with 3D graphics, was released in early access on Steam last December.

L.T. Sachs is a proud member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.

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