La Belle Assiette is launching in the UK



La Belle Assiette is coming to the United Kingdom.

When two years ago ESCP Europe alumni Stephen Leguillon and Giorgio Ricco came to me about La Belle Assiette, I was immediately seduced by the idea of an online booking platform of chefs. Entertaining friends or clients at home is much more intimate than inviting them to the restaurant. And a professional chef who will do the shopping, cooking and cleaning-up makes it so much more enjoyable. Whether you are organising a dinner at home with friends, a corporate lunch for clients, a birthday brunch with family or a cooking class in your own kitchen, La Belle Assiette will take care of everything.

By the way, La Belle Assiette is recruiting a few talented people for the UK. We are looking for a Country Manager (initially in Paris 18e and then in your local market if necessary) to manage our expansion into the UK, as well as a Client Account Manager, a Chef Sales Representative and some freelance photographers. Discover the offers here, and apply here.

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L.T. Sachs is a member of La Belle Assiette board.