La Belle Assiette Launches Its On-Demand Chef Service In Belgium


TechCrunch just published an article on La Belle Assiette.

French startup La Belle Assiette just opened shop in Belgium. La Belle Assiette is a sort of on-demand chef service. You can browse the site, find your chef and book a meal directly from the service — a chef will then come to your home or office. The startup will also roll out its offering in the U.K., Switzerland and Luxembourg in the next six weeks.
It’s not a cheap service in any way. Think of it like bringing a fancy restaurant to your home. And it works. La Belle Assiette first opened in September 2013 with 38 chefs. Today, I can find 272 chefs on the website. You just need to book 24 hours in advance, and there will always be a chef available.
The startup has a couple of American competitors — Kitchensurfing started out on the East Coast, while Kitchit was created in the Bay Area. La Belle Assiette’s main challenge is to take over the European market before its competitors go international.


When two years ago ESCP Europe Alumni Stephen Leguillon and Giorgio Ricco offered me to fund La Belle Assiette project, I was immediately seduced by their idea. An online booking platform of chefs seemed so logical, so useful.

We all know that entertaining friends or clients at home is different than inviting them to the restaurant. The relationship is much more intimate. But it takes a long time to prepare dinner for a group of six or ten. So why not call on a professional chef, who will do the shopping and the cooking, who will serve the dishes and then clean up the kitchen before leaving ? 

With La Belle Assiette, let’s rediscover the pleasure of entertaining.


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L.T. Sachs is a member of La Belle Assiette board.