GDC San Francisco: here we come !

The Game Developers Conference begins on Monday in San Francisco. GDC is the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event. Lots of inspiration, lots of networking, and Amplitude Studios will be there. Will we talk about our upcoming game Endless Legend? You bet. Time for us to introduce the Wild Walkers, one of the game major factions, then.

The Wild Walkers have the ability to transfer their spirits to the animals of their world. This act, called “The Sharing,” enables elves to experience the wild, untamed energy of their totem animal. Elves who have shared often risk having the spirit of the beast burst out like a violent flame and take control during moments of stress. In spite of the potential flame, some elves sought increasingly savage beasts in order to experience Sharings of even greater intensity.
With individual elves embracing the savagery of the animals and vanishing forever into the woods, the nation had to choose between the wild spirits of nature and the civilization of their towers. Troubled but determined, they forswore The Sharing, and renamed themselves The Wild Walkers, and set out to build their towers away from their dark past. Only time can tell if The Sharing still has its hold on their souls.

Our first game Endless Space, a science fictional 4X strategy game, has been critically acclaimed since its release in July 2012. An international success with well over half a million copies sold, Endless Space has won the much coveted Unity Awards at Unite 2013 in Vancouver (both the Golden Cube for Best Overall Game and the Community Choice Award). Our second game, Dungeon of the Endless, a retro-styled game, mixing 2D pixel art with 3D graphics, was released in early access on Steam last December. Endless Legend, a turn-based 4X fantasy strategy game, will be our third.

L.T. Sachs is a member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.

Endless Legend - Wild Walkers - Battle

Endless Legend - Wild Walkers - City

Endless Legend - Wild Walkers City