Amplitude Studios: be the first to enter the Legend

This is an exciting time for me: our next video game is ready to be tested.


Amplitude Studios is looking for three playtesters for the pre-alpha version of Endless Legend, a turn-based 4X fantasy strategy game. These three exceptional volunteers will have the painful task of testing our pre-alpha version. Here are more details on this torture:

We will invite you to our office, in Paris, France
You will meet the Amplitude team and visit the studio
You will share a meal with us and a Beer2Gether in the evening at the studio
We will cover the cost of the train/flight and accommodation (one night from Friday 28th to March 1st)
You will playtest the pre-alpha version of Endless Legend while a member of the dev team asks you some questions

More information here.

Endless Legend will be our third game. Our first game Endless Space, a science fictional 4X strategy game, has been critically acclaimed since its release in July 2012. An international success with over half a million copies sold, Endless Space has won the much coveted Unity Awards at Unite 2013 in Vancouver (both the Golden Cube for Best Overall Game and the Community Choice Award). Our second game, Dungeon of the Endless, a retro-styled game, mixing 2D pixel art with 3D graphics, was released in early access on Steam last December. 

L.T. Sachs is a member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.