Joystiq names Amplitude “one of 20 developers you should know”

Joystiq, the definitive source for news and information on the video game industry, has just named Amplitude Studios one of «20 developers that deserve your attention. These studios are making games you should play, and their future work should be highly anticipated».

Amplitude Studios has a creative range that’s pleasantly surprising. Not only can the team build aesthetically different games that feel as if they all belong in the same sci-fi-fantasy universe, but it builds these worlds well, making each new approach feel like the only way to experience the Endless story (…) They’re all vastly disparate, but have one thing in common – they’re all beautiful.

Yes, we do beautiful games at Amplitude. Our games are developed with love, produced with care, and they sell. With Dungeon of the Endless just out, and Endless Legend on the horizon, I am looking forward to an exciting endless adventure in 2014.

L.T. Sachs is a member of Amplitude Studios’ Board of Directors.