Twenty-four hours in the life of La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette had an interesting day yesterday. Here’s some of what we cooked for our clients:

– a 700 employees corporate team building “Master Chef” type competition, with 29  (yes, twenty-nine) Chefs La Belle Assiette (Paris);

– 100 guests cocktail celebrating a company’s 5th Birthday prepared by Chef Jean Baptiste Closet (Paris);

– 14 guests at surprise birthday diner prepared by Chef Sébastien Cosnard (Paris);

– 70th birthday diner with 7 guests, prepared by Chef Etienne Geney (Marseille);

– 9 guests at a diner prepared by Chef Benjamin Kalifa (Ile-de-France).

In the following video (in french), I tell my side of La Belle Assiette story.

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