Amplitude Studios: how ex-Ubisoft developers decided to take on a niche genre

This is the story of how a studio formed by ex-Ubisoft developers decided to take on a niche genre — 4X strategy games — and see if it can make its fortunes by listening to its community. “From its start in a fourth floor apartment (no elevator) in Paris in early 2011 to its final release on Steam on July 4th 2012, Endless Space was both a work of passion and an unexpected adventure for our small team”, says Jeff Spock, Amplitude’s narrative director, about this very special startup.  As Endless Space enjoys a Free Week End on Steam (and a 50% discount) and a lot of additional content, I invite you to read Jeff’s excellent piece in Gamasutra.

We don’t know yet the end of the story, but it says a lot about creativity, talent and vision. I am so very proud to be part of that team as an investor and board member.

This is entrepreneurship at its best.


Read Jeff Spock’s piece in Gamasutra here.

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