L.T.SACHS is an investor in DACAST : Streaming as a Service™.

DaCast is a Streaming as a Service™ online video platform delivering affordable and professional streaming services for all.

Launched in 2010, DaCast is based in San Francisco, CA, with a European office in Paris. Its goal is to make online video streaming easy to broadcast and easy to monetize immediately via video ads, pay-per-view and/or subscriptions. DaCast provides a more profitable system than other Internet-based services.

DaCast is a white label broadcasting platform that provides a professional level streaming solution and offers the first fully integrated, self-service, live streaming platform. After a quick setup, the platform can be easily used to do high quality streaming to monetize video. It lets content owners and broadcasters start streaming in minutes with the options to monetize their video and audio streams, to build their own brand and to create premium media content, while allowing them to be in total control of their online content.

The integrated video broadcasting system includes:

– Complete platform for live and on demand streaming

– Channel manager with the ability to create a series of streams

– Deep analytics for each channel created with demographics

– Paywall models to generate revenue

For additional information, visit www.dacast.com.