L.T.SACHS is a fan and investor in CogniTek, pioneers in renewable energy solutions.

CogniTek was founded with the goal of commercializing the next generation of cost-effective, efficient, energy conversion technology with a less than five-year return on investment while reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional energy usage.

  • CogniTek has established a portfolio of advanced technologies in the areas of :
  1. High temperature combustion
  2. Solar power (concentrated photovoltaic technology)
  3. Renewable energy infrastructures
  4. Revolutionary power generation technology reducing fossil fuel usage
  5. Heating, ventilation, AC and refrigeration (HVAC/R) technology

  • CogniTek’s advantage : technological expertise to integrate Solar PV, combustion technology and thermal management (HVAC/R).
  • CogniTek’s creative development process includes the identification of new synergies in their areas of expertise with complementary technologies from a network of partners.
  • CogniTek’s market is global and includes residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
  • CogniTek’s leadership team has over fifty years of product development experience, ranging from energy auditing and technology development, to finance and investments. Their experience, combined with a robust patent portfolio and strategic partner network, provides a springboard for CogniTek’s game-changing alternative energy product solutions.

Visit them at http://www.cognitek.com.