From the business to the business school (and back!)

ESCP Europe Alumni: I feel fortunate to be an active member of such a network.

I wrote here a month ago about one of my portfolio investments, Amplitude Studios . This innovative video game start-up, funded last year by two industry veterans Mathieu Girard and Romain de Waubert, is up to a promising start with the recent release of our first strategy game Endless Space (beta version for PC available on Steam). Self-funded, with already 15 Paris-based employees (mainly developpers), our venture had to find a way to get known on a very low marketing budget, and still be able to compete globally. So we created GAMES2GETHER, a brand new way for players around the world to participate in the creation of a video game. Three months after its launch, our forum is now strong of 20,000 thousand members who wrote 4,000 threads of discussion and 50,000 posts (from concept art to debugging to helping the newcomers).

What’s the relationship with feeling fortunate to be part of the ESCP Europe Alumni network? I attended over the week-end a twelve hours ESCP course on «Understanding the Internet Era», and could put some theoretical knowledge on what had been a very hands-on process: the power of a self-regulating community talking about usage more than technology, its willingness to codesign, the value of the network as a tool to manage complexity, techno-push vs market-pull vs customer centered approach…

It’s cold and rainy and very competitive outside, but we’ve got to be thankful to our ability to easily connect with the best and the cleverest in the business.

Work your Network!